Feb 14, 2012

Mini RC Car - Part 3

A few bumps in the road...continuing the Mini RC Car build.

First I decided to get rid of the variable voltage regulator.  It was causing all kinds of problems mostly because I'm using a 3.7v power source.  Anyway the Arduino runs fine for now and I have some 3.3v regulators coming through mail pretty soon.

A glitch never comes alone but I'm lucky since the next problem was simple. The DC motor is creating noise feedbacks that are confusing the servo.  That one is an easy fix by adding a 0.1uf capacitor on the motor.

The third one is a show stopper. Or maybe I should say 'a show slower'.  The cellphone battery I'm using is not strong enough for this whole operation.  It's a 3.7v 850ma LiPo cell.  I have to power the Arduino, the BlueSmirf Bluetooth board, the servo and the DC motor which is done using a transistor.  I guess I should have done some calculations first.

Soooo, I'll get to that and I'll order the right battery.  Until then, PAUSE on this project.   Mmmmm, that gives me an opportunity to start another thing.  Muha ha ha ha ha

To view the whole project, go here

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