Jul 9, 2013

Endor Observation Post

The story of a kids playhouse

Some years ago, after the pool was wrecked by the weight of a record snow year, we dismantled a part of the deck. Suffering from the common makers sickness that prevents you from throwing away good material, I stored all that wood away. Here's the pile after we got it back out and inventoried what we had to work with:

The only new wood was the 4 columns and the cross braces at the base. To ensure (completely overkill) stability I went for a design where all the columns are leaning inward.

For extra QA and on the spot design-validation, my dad was part of the build. By working with him him when I was a kid, I learned to build and to problem solve. I always loved building things with him.

Here is the playhouse partway during construction:

Since we finished the playhouse some days ago, the kids have played in it every day. Like a moths to a flame all the kids in the street were also sucked into the playhouse. It is one happy place.

Now let's renovate our old bathroom...