Mar 2, 2013

Adventure Time Sword

My son was invited to the birthday party of one of his friend.  His friend mentioned to him that he liked   the Adventure Time cartoon and would like to have the sword.  My son then told him that we could probably make it because we are always building stuff.

We looked it up on the web and since it's a simple shape I decided to give it a shot.  Using the hard wood from an old shelf we took down, I drew the rough dimensions on it

I then cut the rough shape using a skill saw and a jig saw

The guard was build with 2 pieces with grooves screwed and glued on both sides

This was the fun part where I sculpted all the notches and scratches followed by some sanding

It was then time for primer and painting.  The handle was done by hand using acrylic paint

This the final product after gold metallic paint and a clear acrylic coat.  The jewel was made with Super Sculpey and also painted using acrylic paint.

Action shot with my son