Mar 29, 2015

Teeny Tiny Build

Bubble display and Femtoduino

I just received a bunch of those really cool QDSP-6064 Bubble Displays and I had to build something with them right away.

I quickly tried it using the sample code and, as I was doing that, I immediately wanted to build a small device combining this display with a femtoduino and a small LiPo battery.  I ordered two Femtoduino quite some times ago but never did anything with them. I knew they would come handy one day.  Then intent of this build is to eventually make something wearable.

For the sake of making it look nicer, I picked only red wires to match the Bubble Display look.  I also took the time to keep everything as flat as possible, trying to get a compact build that could be turnded into anything.  To make the sample code work with this new build, I had to tweak the code since I was forced to connect the QDSP-6064 pins to different Arduino pins.

There nothing fancy about this build so here is the result:

Next step? I might order an Rfduino, which is smaller then the femtoduino and have WiFi built into it.  So many possibilities...

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