Nov 22, 2011

Infrared on the cheap

When you make mobile robots, infrared detectors are a must. Here's a nice specimen taken in the Internet wilderness:

The problem is the cost. Starting at $13.95 US plus tax, plus shipping from Mars and the retarded Canadian border fees... in the end, it's to much. Not only that! It takes two weeks to come here. Two week! Are they using camels? I'm living in Quebec city, it's not that small, we even have asphalt and electricity.

Deep breath

Anyway for about $2.50 you can make the 'same' thing at home with these components:
  • Detector $1.95
  • Light $0.32
  • Resistor (220 ohms) ~$0.15
  • Bit of PCB board ~$0.01

Long live DIY