Nov 22, 2011

AMD's backyard

Blackberry is not the only company having a bad year, AMD is also having hiccups.

A tile just fell on AMD. It just canceled the production of the 28nm Bobcat processor. This news by itself is extremely bad for the company but this is not the only tile. In fact maybe the entire roof is caving in.

Around October AMD released is new Bulldozer chip. It was supposed to be their flag ship unlike the Bobcat which targets the mobile platform. A basic design decision in the Bulldozer chip makes it less effective.

During that time, on the server front, AMD is trying to push the use of its Fusion-Cloud (sadly based on the Bulldozer core). That effort is taking off like a concrete rocket while ARM based servers are in orbit. Yes, ARM, not in portable devices but in servers. They teamed up with Calxeda and mighty HP to start a new server technology.

While ARM is on the subject. AMD is not going anywhere on the mobile front either. Guess what's in your iPhone, Nexus, Galaxy or Blackberry? ARM of course.

C'mon AMD, get up and fight.

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