Mar 24, 2010

The small things

I'm optimistic by nature. I can motivate a team of hopeless people by finding the tiniest bit of good in a bad situation. I then proceed into warping reality around that tiny thing until it becomes the only central step. So, for a short time, it turns into the most important part of the work and it creates a new viewpoint (in this case a good one) on the project.

I don't consider this a lie since, like everybody knows, if a lie is a means to an end it becomes a good lie (I like to say that everybody knows that. It makes it alright.). On top of that, since we want to 'do onto others as you would have them do to you' I'm totally okay because I do this to myself all the time.
Yes I do it, I lie to myself every time I attack a big problem and I reach a dead-end. We hear often 'work that big problem by picking at it'. 'Picking' doesn't sound very sexy and interesting all the time. Sometimes you want 'hacking' and 'slashing' because it feels good to move fast and have big results.

Big results. It such a trap since the size or importance of a result is relative. Something which is significant for somebody is noting for an other person. So perspective and mindset is not only important to understand the problem but also to believe in it. You next little task may be the small stone that start the landslide. It doesn't take much to gain momentum in a project and the next task might be the trigger.

Sorry but I don't have a choice, many of my projects are long term monsters barely moving sometimes. You have to appreciate the small things.


  1. I'm not sure I'd classify this as lying since you are focusing in on something that is true and then blowing it up to be bigger than it is. Blowing it up is exaggerating its value but it still remains true. And perhaps the very nature of motivation requires that edge of exaggeration.

    So I think you could give yourself a break from the implication of're attacking a problem with the appropriate tool.

    And you're pretty cute too. =)

  2. Well my goal is to get everybody focus on the same goal. Given us a clear target and my team will always deliver.

    Thanks for the comment.

    And you're cute too... :)