Mar 27, 2010

Ignorance is bliss

Eye-Fi just release the first ever ‘Endless’ memory stick. Yes finally a memory stick that never fills up. You can put any amount of videos and pictures on it and you’ll never see the ‘Not enough memory!’ message.

At this point the computer savvy knows there’s a catch somewhere. But let’s plunge back into the average clueless-computer-user brain.

Wow! my last memory card purchase ever. Let’s go to the web site. Mmmm, there are two capacity choices, I wonder why? I’ll take the cheaper 4GB over the 8GB. It won’t make a difference since it is infinite memory anyway.

Welcome to reality! Infinite memory doesn’t exist. It’s advertised, it’s sold and some people even buy it but it doesn’t exist. This mem-stick is only Endless because it deletes the oldest files if it needs space for the new ones. If you have anybody in your family that doesn't know computer much, you know how long it takes just to make them understand how to manage there files. 'Keep them in order.', 'Put them all under the same base-folder, so you know where your stuff is.'. And still they find ways to lose files or overwrite them.

Then after some time, the newbies understand there computer enough not to lose there files. They're almost ready to understand the virtues of backups.

Enters Eye-Fi Endless memory card!

“Where are all our pictures from Hawaii?”
“They're gone dad.”

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