Feb 15, 2010

Math daemons

So, numbers are talking to me. No big deal uh? Patterns seems to jump out of chaos, begging me to write down a equation defining theme. I can't even talk to the people I know about this stuff, because I and the people around me, didn't studied in math. So, thanks to the web and a few hours here and there, I do some maths alone.

It all started three years ago when my brain decided that it liked math more than before. A lot more. How do you fight something like that? Why would I even fight it? It only cost time, paper and a pencil, so that is one cheap pastime.

One cool thing about loving math is the the sheer quantity of problems that need to be solve. Its' an endless sea of 'fun'. Let the nerd in you free and take a look at the Clay Institute Millennium Problems. If I had time, I'd work on P vs NP and The Navier-Stokes existence and smoothness all day long. Just because it's there, like the mountain for the rock climber.

I bet, if I was in high school, I'd get my ass kicked for saying stuff like that. Good thing I'm 37.

I'll just keep filling pages after pages of notes, hypothesis and calculus about 'why in the world' some points in a non linear dynamical system are not stabilizing when m goes to infinity. I'm so close to the answer I can smell it.

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