Feb 16, 2010

Floating on technology

Looking at four teenagers at the mall on a school day made me think.

The masses in north America have a cellphone, an ipod, are using Twitter and FaceBook. On the other hand, they couldn't make a simple HTML page from scratch, explain how the Internet works or tell the difference between a content-driven web page and a blog. “It just works man. What's your problem?” People forgot the basic things, like work, questioning, reading or learning a new thing so your brain doesn't die. I thought technology was supposed to push us further and faster. Looking around, it seems we're sitting down in our big technology lazyboy.

At the same time, the new generations in Asia are rising to build themselves a future. They want to learn and thus they learn fast. They fight for a chance at education and value it. Not only are they using technology but they understand it from the ground up. We should too. Once we'll completely rely on somebody else so we can 'float' on technology we'll be in trouble.

I don't think that everybody must learn all the subtle details, but our society as a whole must continue to understand and respect what is holding our life's comforts.

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