Sep 6, 2013

Inside the box

So close I can almost touch it. Parts for the LEGO Test Machine #2 are coming and I feel like a kid before Christmas. Here's some pictures taken by the guys at The LittleBritish Robot Company while boxing all the goodies.

WhoooOOOoooo motors

Looking at the content I got inspired to create a new design focus around the use of the Makeblock wheels.

The top part (1) would go back and forth to assemble the brick by compressing them together. Disassembling the bricks would be done by a claw system (2) able to twist off the bottom brick. Finally the bottom plateau (3) would go up and down using an off-centred wheel, helping in the process of assembling or releasing the parts. It's just a rough idea but feel free to leave your thoughts and suggestions.

Now, how can I make time go faster? I could go to sleep until the package arrive. Naaaaaah I'll probably wait in front of the door like Scott Pilgrim.

You can see all the 'boxing' pictures on my G+ album

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