Jan 4, 2013

RoboTank #2 / homemade PCB

This was my first attempt at making a PCB at home.  I follow this awesome tutorial explaining how to make PCB using a laser printer.  The first step was to design the board.  For this I used ExpressPCB free software.  Then I printed the design on a magazine paper.

The next step (which took me 3 tries) was to transfer the design to the copper plate using an iron.  This was a big learning experience about the necessary spacing between the traces and the amount of time to apply the iron.  In the end I got something that was good enough to go to the next step.

As suggested, I corrected the mistakes using a Sharpie pen.  After a Ferric Chloride bath here is the result:

I used a sponge to rub the surface during the etching.  Apparently the Sharpie fix is not meant to survive that kind of abuse.  This is still fixable.  The final step was to drill the through holes and do the assembly.

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