Dec 23, 2012


After my last Mini RC Car project I knew I wanted to make a smaller better one.  Some months later and this is the result:

The reason why this one is in a LEGO body is because of this question on LEGO Stack Exchange where it was asked if it was possible to power the small LEGO City wheels.  At that point I had already started playing with micro DC motors and I also started using the ATtiny chip.  This was a perfect storm.  I had to build a super small LEGO vehicle.

Here are all the parts needed to make this build:

  • Set of gears from a race track car
  • LEGO wheels set
  • LEGO brick 2x2
  • Micro motor
  • 0.1uf capacitor
  • Transistor
  • Diode
  • ATtiny
  • Socket
  • Power adaptor
I'll go over the small details in an Instructables ASAP.  For now here's shot from the inside:

Here's a video where I show the final result:


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