May 30, 2012

Mini RC Car - Part 5 (final)

After weeks of 'other things', here is the 5th and final post on the Mini RC Car project.

It's alive!!!

This final configuration works on a single 9v battery. Yes only one power supply because I found the real source of the noise problem coming from the DC motor. Like any good bug it was a code 12 since I assumed that the motor had a capacitor on it... NOT!  Here you can "see" the result.

1x racetrack toy car
1x micro servo
1x 9v battery
1x 5v power regulator
1x pn2222 transistor
1x 1N4001 rectifier diode
4x ceramic 0.1uf capacitors
1x 16MHz crystal
1x 28 pin socket
1x 4 pins female headers
1x 3 pins male headers
1 9v snap connector
1 Atmega328
1 BlueSmirf bluetooth breakout board
1 Wires
scrap metal/wood for structure

Soldering iron
Hot glue gun
Arduino board (e.g. UNO) for programming the chip
Android device with bluetooth

For the maniacs out there I'll probably add this on Instructables where I'll go over all the geeky details.

To view the whole project go here.

Thanks for reading.

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  1. I just updated the post with the lists of parts and tools. Enjoy!