Sep 15, 2009

Left behind

Normally when I watch TED talks, I come out very motivated and dive into my work for hours. This time it was different, Bjarke Ingels's talk left me both motivated and disheartened. Here he comes showing incredible architecture solutions, beautiful buildings and enormous projects, but something was not quite right. Most of those amazing projects are nowhere near North America or Europe. Are we not a bit worried about making amazing buildings, cities and bridges? When I see all this crazy developments I wish there was more of them here. I know we have some, but with the amount of money flowing here, it feels like we're left behind on this.
We shouldn't be the old square-gray-building world, we should be leaders too. We sure have the minds & means to do it.

Bitch, moan, cry... shut up Phillipe and do something about it.

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